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Western-style food refers to the food or dinner cooked according to the customs of western countries. Western-style food is originated in Europe and the European cooking methods were conveyed2 by an Italian—Martin Polo to China. Later, after the Opium3 War, it was transferred from“residential4 dish” to“western restaurant” and then“western-style food restaurant” run by Chinese people. It was only served for some officials and business men.

In recent years, the number of foreign guests increased rapidly. More and more hotels have western-style food services. At the same time, more and more Chinese people have accustomed5 to the hobby of eating western-style food.

When eating western-style food, you can talk with others freely and lightly. But, when you talk with others, don't chew the food in your mouth. Generally speaking, clean your lips with napkins6 before talking or drinking.

When eating western-style food, you can not hold the plate when eating; can not stab7 the food while eating the large piece of food. You should cut the food into small pieces and then put them into your mouth.

When eating western-style food, the way of eating is similar to the way of eating Cantonese food8. That is—drink soup first and then eat the dishes. When drinking the soup, and hold the spoon with right hand, the spoon should face the outer side to ladle out9 the soup, and then put it into the mouth. Don't make any sound while drinking the soup.

When eating western-style food, the bones and thorns should not be put into the mouth when you meet the dishes which have them. The food which already eaten into the mouth can not be spit out. So you should know the food you eat when eating western-style food. For the food which you are not so sure or the food which you don't like, then you'd better not put them into your mouth.

When eating western-style food, if you leave the table without finishing the dinner, you should put the knife and fork crossed beside the plate, let the edge of the knife faces inside. If you have finished your meal, you should put the knife and fork side by side to show that the plate can be removed.






西式冷餐 Western buffet

冷餐 buffet

1.冷菜 cold dish

1)沙拉 salad

沙拉 salad

色拉 salad

火腿沙拉 ham salad

鸡沙拉 chicken salad

鸡脯沙拉 chicken-breast salad

鸡丝沙拉 shredded chicken salad

鸡蛋沙拉 egg salad

鱼片沙拉 fish salad

虾仁沙拉 shrimp salad

大虾沙拉 prawn salad

蟹肉沙拉 crab salad

素沙拉 vegetable salad

蔬菜沙拉 vegetable salad

鲜蔬菜沙拉 fresh vegetable salad

黄瓜沙拉 cucumber salad

鲜黄瓜沙拉 fresh cucumber salad

奶油黄瓜沙拉 cucumber salad with cream

西红柿黄瓜沙拉 cucumber salad with tomato

西红柿沙拉 tomato salad

甜菜沙拉 beetroot salad

红菜头沙拉 beetroot salad

沙拉油 salad dressing; mayonnaise

沙拉酱 salad dressing; mayonnaise

2)肉 meat

冷杂拌肉 cold mixed meat

冷什锦肉 cold mixed meat

冷肉拼香肠 cold meat and sausage

冷火腿蔬菜 cold ham with vegetables

什锦肉冻 mixed meat jelly

肝泥 mashed liver; live paste

牛肝泥 mashed ox liver; ox liver paste

牛脑泥 mashed ox brain; ox brain paste

冷烤牛肉 cold roast beef

冷烤里脊 cold roast fillet

冷烤羔羊腿 cold roast lamb leg

冷烤猪肉 cold roast pork

冷烩茶肠 cold stewed sausage

冷茶肠 cold sausage

奶酪 cheese

3)鱼 fish

红烩鱼片 stewed fish slices with brown sauce

茄汁烩鱼片 stewed fish slices with tomato sauce

鸡蛋鲱鱼泥子 minced herring with eggs

鸡蛋托鲱鱼 herring on eggs

熏鲱鱼 smoked herring

熏鲤鱼 smoked carp

沙丁油鱼 sardines

鱼肉冻 fish jelly

酿馅鱼 stuffed fish

红鱼子酱 red caviar

黑鱼子酱 black caviar

大虾泥 minced prawns

蟹肉泥 minced crab meat

4)家禽 poultry

鸡肉冻 chicken jelly; chicken in aspic

水晶鸡 chicken in aspic

鸡肉泥 minced chicken meat; chicken paste

鸡肝泥 minced chicken liver; chicken liver paste

鸭肝泥 minced duck liver; duck liver paste

酿馅鸡蛋 stuffed eggs

奶酪酿馅鸡蛋 stuffed eggs with cheese

酿馅鸡 stuffed chicken

冷烤油鸡蔬菜 cold roast chicken with vegetables

冷烤火鸡 cold roast turkey

冷烤山鸡 cold roast pheasant

冷烤野鸡 cold roast pheasant

冷烤鸭 cold roast duck

冷烤野鸭 cold roast wild duck

烤鸭冻粉 roast duck jelly

冷烤鹅 cold roast goose

冷烤野鹅 cold roast wild goose

5)素菜 vegetable dish

什锦蔬菜 assorted vegetables

红烩茄子 stewed egg-plant brown sauce

酿青椒 stuffed green pepper

酿西红柿 stuffed tomato

酸蘑菇 sour mushrooms

酸黄瓜 sour cucumbers; pickled cucumbers

泡菜 pickled cabbage; sour and sweet cabbage

appetizer [ap·pe·tiz·er(p-tzr)]/开胃,头盘

I'd like appetizer and fish dish.


I'd like appetizer and meat dish.


What would you like for your appetizer?


Please give ue five spring rolls as appetizer.


a dish served as an appetizer before the main meal.


an appetizer served as a first course at a meal.


An edible snail, especially one prepared as an appetizer or entr闲.


The pungent root of this plant, eaten raw as an appetizer and in salads.


An appetizer usually consisting of an assortment of ingredients, such as smoked meats, cheese, fish, and vegetables.


an appetizer consisting usually of a thin slice of bread or toast spread with caviar or cheese or other savory food.




三文治 sandwich米饭rice粥 congee(rice soup)汤 soup饺子dumpling面条 noodle比萨饼 pizza方便面 instant noodle香肠 sausage面包 bread黄油(白塔油)butter茶叶蛋 Tea eggs油菜 rape饼干 cookies咸菜(泡菜)pickle馒头 steamed bread饼(蛋糕)cake汉堡 hamburger火腿ham奶酪 cheese馄饨皮 wonton skin高筋面粉 Strong flour小麦wheat大麦barley青稞highland barley高粱broomcorn(kaoliang)春卷Spring rolls芋头 Taro山药yam鱼翅 shark fin黄花 daylily松花蛋皮蛋preserved eggs春卷 spring roll肉馅饼minced pie糙米 Brown rice玉米 corn馅儿 stuffing开胃菜 appetizer面粉 flour燕麦 oat白薯甘薯 sweet potato牛排 steak里脊肉 fillet凉粉 bean jelly糯米江米 sticky rice燕窝 bird's nest粟 Chinese corn肉丸子 meat balls枳橙citrange点心(中式)dim sum淀粉starch蛋挞 egg tart

红酒 red wine白酒 white wine白兰地 brandy葡萄酒 sherry汽水(软饮料) soda(盐)汽水sparkling water果汁juice冰棒 Ice-lolly啤酒beer酸奶 yoghurt伏特加酒vodka鸡尾酒cocktail豆奶 soy milk豆浆soybean milk七喜 7 UP麒麟(日本啤酒kirin)凉开水 cold boiled water汉斯啤酒 Hans beer浓缩果汁 concentrated juice冰镇啤酒 iced(chilled) beer札幌(日本啤酒)Sapporo爱尔啤酒(美国)ale A级牛奶 grand A milk班图酒bantu beer半干雪利 dry sark参水牛奶 blue milk日本粗茶 bancha生啤酒 draft beer白啤酒 white beer<苏格兰>大麦酒barley-bree咖啡伴侣coffee mate

menu菜单French cuisine法国菜 today's special今日特餐 chef's special主厨特餐 buffet自助餐 fast food快餐 specialty招牌菜 continental cuisine欧式西餐 aperitif饭前酒 dim sum点心 French fires炸薯条baked potato烘马铃薯 mashed potatoes马铃薯泥omelette简蛋卷 pudding布丁 pastries甜点 pickled vegetables泡菜 kimchi韩国泡菜 crab meat蟹肉 prawn明虾 conch海螺 escargots田螺braised beef炖牛肉 bacon熏肉 poached egg荷包蛋 sunny side up煎一面荷包蛋 over煎两面荷包蛋 fried egg煎蛋

over easy煎半熟蛋 over hard煎全熟蛋 scramble eggs炒蛋

boiled egg煮蛋 stone fire pot石头火锅 sashi日本竹筷 sake日本米酒

miso shiru味噌汤 roast meat铁板烤肉 sashimi生鱼片 butter奶油

西餐菜单 中英对照

马赛鱼羹(Bouillabaisse),烤火鸡(Roast turkey),罗宋汤(Russian soup),黄油鸡卷(chicken roll with butter),鸡丁沙拉(chicken salad)。



2、烤火鸡(Roast turkey)



3、罗宋汤(Russian soup)



4、黄油鸡卷(chicken roll with butter)


5、鸡丁沙拉(chicken salad)


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